Finally waffles

We finally had waffles this afternoon and they were pretty amazing. I had two scoops of wild Strawberry ice cream, cream and maple syrup. It was truly worth the wait and I can probably forget about the diet today.

My bestie and I went to Gelares and along with the waffles we talked and laughed and then talked some more. On our way back to my place we had several cyclists playing chicken with our car. Then there were some people flagging a bus down, but my bestie thought they were flagging her down which had us laughing again. Never a dull moment with us two in the car together. The cyclists kept appearing I swear they were out to get us all the way home.

So wafflegate has finally happened and I feel deeply satisfied by the whole experience. So onto planning a party and balloons, what could possibly go wrong there ? Maybe I just shouldn’t answer that at all. The next thing will be when do we go for waffles again ?


Kitty-Kat xox

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