Changes in season

The changes in our seasons here in Perth may seem little, but there is change never the less. We still have warmer days and yet our mornings and nights are getting more chilly that before. Perth is a city, where in Summer we live outdoors a lot, except in the extreme heat of the day, then it’s indoors with air con and fans to keep us cool.

Autumn is beginning to show herself ever so shyly at first, but there nonetheless. Soon the chill won’t just be mornings and evenings, but all day long. To me Autumn is one of my favourite seasons, where yes there are no flowers, but the leaves on the trees start to change and give us a show.

Rainy days and nights will come the norm, with cold and windy days change it all up just a little, until Autumn will be replaced with Winter, but alas I am getting ahead of myself. Out with my red boots and Doc Martens boots to crunch dead leaves and walk upon wet pavements. I love when it gets cooler and wet, time for me to rug up and wear my array of coats and jumpers. Then it’s the time to put away, summer dresses and sandals to the very back of your wardrobe. All the bright colours go away until Spring finds you again.

Away from beaches, our lives return to roaming through the woodland areas, and spending times by a roaring fire. Going down South on mini breaks to Albany or Margaret river, or to walk among the giants in the nearby Karri forests. Simple pleasures of truffle hunting and catching up on reading as well.

I can not wait for the Season to change completely and be able to experience all those lovely things again. Yes I will miss Summer, but it will come again before I know it. Now I am ready to let Autumn do her magic.


Kitty-Kat xox

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