Up,up,up in the air

I saw this picture and was gonna do a post about my weekend plans and then thought no, let’s do some creative writing instead, so enjoy !

It must be so amazing to see the world from high up in the air. To see mighty trees mere toothpicks from the vantage of a hot air balloon. Mountains that look like a child has drawn them with a crayon, not something of real life at all. A landscape painting for only you to enjoy, in the space all around you.

To simply look out and see open sky all around you and feel like a bird flying high. The bliss of life happening, no deadlines no work just simply life unfolding before your eyes. Slow easy movements as the balloon floats gently upon the air currents, no destination, just uncharted territory.

Not every moment of the day needs to be planned or even discussed. Just go with the flow, feeling of contentment in the cooling air. Unbelievable that nature could be this magnificent.

Kitty-Kat xox

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