Journaling session

I managed a really good journaling session in between everything else today, it started with putting in a few project life cards into my journal, and basically snowballed from there. Then photographing them came later, I love to share my journal pages, because I know what it is like to not see a lot of ideas out there on social media. I like to simply show what can be done and pretty much leave it up to others. You really need to put your own stamp on your journal.

I got a menu from Gelare, when my bestie and I got waffles last week and journaled on the menu what we did. Just a different way of laying out the page and using collectables to feature in the journal’s pages. I use a lot of different materials in my journal and I don’t do one page after another. My journals are done where I want too and not chronological at all. I prefer not to be tied down to following a set pattern, life doesn’t work that way and neither does my journal.

It is also a lot of fun to simply have the freedom to write away, no set formula in mind, and I feel I get through my journal much quicker and onto the next one. I express myself a lot in my paper journals and love a lot of colour in them as well as a lot of words and handwritten notes.My journal often becomes an extension of me, and so there is a great number of layers involved.

I felt so happy and anew, while simply working in my journal, I forgot how happy and content journaling makes me feel. I have missed it for a couple of weeks, but will be for sure journaling more this week. It helps me feel less stress, and I love any chance to play with my little stash of craft stuff.

I always have a collection of crafty things set aside for my journal, and end up working on quite a few pages all at once. A lot of the time I have the bare skeleton of a journal spread down and it is mainly putting it all together with other layers and then of course, the journaling, most important item in my journal spread.

One of my recent journal spread was about the seaside and my childhood memories, as well as my artist’s date, I went on to Bather’s beach in Fremantle. I had the basic bones of the page, but only yesterday filled out the journaling bit. I love my journal and love showing it off, because I am so proud of what I have achieved.

Ciao for now

Kitty-Kat xox

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