Polaroid journal

I found this little gem at a Carpark markets a few weeks ago, and plan to use it as a journal come writing book. The photos are all Polaroids taken and put together in this book to celebrate 25th anniversary of the Polaroid, although that was some time ago.

Polaroid’s though have made a comeback lately with the Instax camera and Polaroid coming out with an updated version of their camera. With the invention of selfies these cameras have been popular, because you can hold the photo in your hand. There is no waiting except for the photo to appear, but that is a plus in today’s world where speed appears to be everything.

I have a digital camera, an Instax camera as well as my camera on my smartphone. I find each has there pros and cons, I guess it is also what you want for a camera too ? I have heard that film cameras are making a comeback, but they are now called analog camera’s, go figure.

It blows my mind that everything in today’s world needs to have a label or name for it, nothing is simply there. There is no think for yourself anymore, it is all done for you with no fuss or thought too creative thought whatsoever. I find that really quite sad and extremely alarming if the truth be known. Where is free speech and thought gone ? Why do we need to be told what to think or say ?

Sorry for that rant but sometimes things need to be said and addressed, not simply swept under the carpet, for fear of affending.

This book is jammed packed with Polaroid photos of all sizes and colours. I brought it for $5AUD and know it would of been more expensive than that brand new. It will be a writing tool where I can use the photos as prompts, as well as simply journaling a page with my own thoughts. I can not wait to decorate and make the pages my very own, as well as my own unique style.

It just goes to show you can find treasures wherever you go, so be sure to keep your eyes open.

Ciao for now

Kitty-Kat xox

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