Cubbies and Treehouses

What child has not dreamed of having a cubby or better still a treehouse all to themselves, no adults allowed. These days they seem to be a dying breed or wrapped up in local councils red tape, ever sad, but all so true.

Children need their own space, a place to let their imagination go wild. Alas most stay indoors and don’t even know how to play. I didn’t have a cubby or treehouse, but I did have my Dad’s sawhorses and one of his drop sheets for painting. With those raw materials I had the makings of a wonderful cubby for my brother, my dog and I. That was all I needed.

A treehouse was what I had always wanted in my childhood, alas it wasn’t meant to be, although I did enjoy a friend’s treehouse just the same. To me they symbolize imagination and a little whimsical magic as well, especially if you have read Enid Blyton’s Faraway tree series that I simply adore even now.

To also be amongst the tree branches and tree tops is as well simply amazing place to be, especially for kids. Everybody is bigger than you when your a kid, so it’s heaven to actually be bigger than all those adults you know. The sound of the breeze through the leaves is something else when you hear it from your own treehouse. So close to nature and it’s many seasons.

There is even a trend for adults to build treehouses and live in them as houses. I guess it is never too old to get yourself, your very own treehouse. Maybe there is hope for me still ? I wonder if trees like it when we make treehouse’s amongst their branches ? I never thought of it that way before now. Maybe the trees need the kids and the treehouses just as much, to keep themselves young at heart. It must be bliss to have children climbing all over you.

Cubbies are something easy to make with a blanket, a table and a lot of imagination. Usually indoors, although they can also be made outside. I think every child has probably made one in their childhood. As a nanny in the UK, I have made my fair share of them and they always make a rainy afternoon go by in a flash. I like the fact that Cubbies and Treehouses can be whatever the child’s imagination can dream up and more. Nothing is best seen through the eyes of a child at play.


Kitty-Kat xox

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