New journal

I filled up my last journal yesterday morning, which made my day absolutely sing all day, I was on cloud nine and nothing could bring me down. Last night I decorated the front and back of my new journal and then just now I put packing tape over the covers to protect them from wear.

It is such a good feeling getting a new journal ready for me to move on in, kinda like when you move into a new house, everything needs to be just so. Now I have the covers protected I can start to put together more lovely pages for me to journal in.

I chose another Stampin up journal I got years ago from this and that range they sold. I kinda wished now that I had brought more. I thought about using another notebook, but then thought no, I want to use up my stash, including my notebooks in that. It also is another journal that has lesser pages so I can get through it much faster, not that I want to get through a journal faster, but want to trick my mind.

The lovely thing about this journal is it has some gorgeous papers from the Stampin up range. They make great backgrounds to work with and into my journal spreads. Again I will be doing the old pick a page to start with, none of this first page fears for me.

I am sad about leaving my old journal, but know there are more exciting things to come and be written in the pages of this journal.


Kitty-Kat xox

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