Monday here again….I am feeling quite happy at the moment, mainly because I just finished my journal. Yes it is well stuffed with all little moments and things I wanted to simply collect. There are magic moments and also not so magic times, times when I just needed to write, and get it all out of me and onto the page.

I feel so happy and content, that I have seen a project through to the very end indeed. Now comes the lookout for my next journal, trust me I have plenty of notebooks to fill the bill. Only picking which one can be the hardest part….

Do I want a really big one ?

Do I want to simply have more than one ?

Questions run through my mind like freight trains, I think I need to take this time to think of my way forward. It can not be a knee jerk response, one that is often referred before the ink dries upon the first page. Instead I will ponder about it all day and see what the universe has to say too me.

Happy Monday to you all 💖


Kitty-Kat xox

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