Kindy/Pre-Primary moments

Welcome all to another little snapshot of my world in Early childhood setting. Or as we call it at school “Little Land,” where we are still enjoying outdoor play with lovely warm days,so all our Kindys and Pre-Primary’s can get out do some discovery.Talking about discovery and investigation, the children found a small pool of water, at the bottom of one of our big plastic blocks during the week. And without any disruptions, they happier put leaves in to use as boats, and used sticks to move them around.

It started a few, until there was quite a large group of children, it was wonderful to see them discover the natural world by themselves. You can not plan moments like that for them, sometimes they just need time to see and do for themselves. I loved watching them play and over hearing their conversations they have with one another. The Kindys and Pre-Primary’s have so much wonder and natural curiosity within them, and it was gorgeous to be able to capture that moment with them.

At the moment with our seasons still influx, it is great to get out and wander our playground with sun shining and cool breezes in our big gum tree. The sound of children playing and running about the place. A lot of kids are trying out our stilt walkers, where they stand on plastic can like things with plastic piling they hold onto as they walk about. I often hear my name being called across the playground as they make their way over to me. I think it is good to see kids being kids and being able to have the freedom to play.

A lot of the time there is often insects and birds about that fascinate the children, who will watch and observe them for hours at a time. It’s like when the sun goes behind the clouds, the children get quite involved in reasons why this happen. I love to hear their responses and reasoning why, because there is always an explanation that I would never ever think of.

As an adult too, it makes you step back and reflect on your own reasoning and thoughts about everyday occurrences. I quite like the fact that teaching young children is a two way street,you aren’t simply teaching them, they actually teach you too in a way.

Even though the week has been long, with a few trials and tribulations here and there, it has been a week of awakenings and on the whole having fun. Working with the Kindys and Pre-Primary’s can be hard work, but most of the time I am having fun and the kids always find a way to make me laugh. Sitting with them for break times is always a pleasure, just to simply talk and realize these are 4year-olds and 5years olds, they are still young and need love as much as education.

Anyway all for now, but I am sure there will be more moments to write about.


Kitty-Kat xox

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