I have had this Kikki K book for ages and it has inspiration quotes within it, now I have decided too upcycle the book by using it as a journal of sorts. Why have it simply gathering dust on my bookshelves when I could make it uniquely me ? This got me to wondering and thinking maybe I could do a lot more of this with no tt only my well loved books, but also my photos and other collected items.

So I guess I have a new project, upcycling and journaling in the oddest places you could say. I love the idea of making memories with loved objects around me. I also feel I need a project now the weather will finally cool down. Summer is nearly over and time to spend nights indoors away from the cold.

So I open it to you all out there in the blogosphere, do you have any projects when the season turns ? How do you bring colour into your life ? I would love to know your thoughts and ideas on this one ?

So I leave you now Adieu 😘

Kitty-Kat xox

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