A little more creative time

Just wanted to create another little blog post full of writing from photo prompts. I loved the way my first one turned out and so wanted to try another one. I hope you enjoy ☺

How the sky above lights up with nature’s own fireworks, simply takes my breathe away. A living piece of art for everybody to enjoy, and never ever quite the same night after night. I wish so much to see those lights with my very own eyes. An artist canvas rewritten each moment the lights flicks across the vast night sky. A wonder that brings the child in all of us, out front and centre. The feeling of loss when finally it is all over, the longing for it too go on forever, in this very moment.

The feeling of wonderment, holding the ball of light in your very own hands. The light bathing you within it’s glow, energy passing your fingertips into your very soul itself. So beautiful and divine.

Who is that person amongst the trees ? What do they want ? The sun is ever so golden behind them I can not see their face in the shadows. Maybe this what heaven is supposed to be ? A forest of light that we must pass through until we get to those gates. The sound of angels carrying me home, to the place where there is blissful peace, like I have never known before. Maybe it is true we forget heaven once we are reborn again. It could be because we would never ever want to leave it willingly.

Let me hold you hand, for just a little while. I promise to let go if you want me too. It’s just lovely to feel another person is close to me, in this sea of uncertainty and forever doubt. A human touch, in a world full of screens and keyboards, no words spoken anymore. Such a shame I can not talk to you face to face, only veer a screen. Hold the hand when feeling scared, hold the hand when feeling happy and hold the hand when feeling you are drowning on solid ground. The hand you hold when true love is new and when things feel so shiny and new.

The Northern lights, fireworks of nature never ever surpassed by anything else. The eerie greens and blues light up the fjords like nothing else. I wish I hope to see myself one day very soon. To stare up into the night sky and see a wonder before me.

Narrow laneways, with narrow buildings on both sides. Cobblestones make walking a noisy affair. Old fashion lamps light your way out of the darkness of the coming night. A little bit of fading sky above your head. Totally deserted of all life at all.

The long string of life keeps me tied firmly to it, no matter, I have people to come along with me. Dazzling lights may blind and stun me, but I take it in my stride. The ups and downs of life may buffer me, but they will not pull me off my course.

I can jump so high, to touch the clouds and sky above me. From the heavens we are born, and I feel we spend the rest of our life trying to get back there. Freedom to fly if only for a moment, gives you utter joy if only fleetingly. I always wondered as a child, just what the sky would feel like if I could only reach it. To be able to cry hello sun as you jump up high.

Grounded is the tree with the deepest roots at all, for it may bend in strong winds, but never ever break. Sometimes I wish I was so grounded myself, alas often my head is in the clouds and my feet are bare to feel the earth. I long to climb the trees to see just what is above and all around me. I envy the tree’s long life to see the world change in a blink of an eye. Our lives pale compare to that.

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