Family time

Sunday we went down to Rockingham Carpark markets, they were great and picked up a few things. It was also a family affair, because not only my folks were with me, my brother Ashley joined us too. It reminded me of times gone by, when were kids and went down to Rockingham beach quite a lot.

It also was like road trips when Ashley and I would put our headphones on, because we didn’t want to listen too our folks old music. The only thing that has changed, are our headphones and use of MP3 players and Spotify, otherwise the music doesn’t change. It was wonderful to be going somewhere as a family too, and hey it’s okay to spend time with my family.

It was relaxing to go to lunch and check out all our old haunts. I treated everyone to lunch at the Dome a coffee shop we go to a lot. We went to an old English lolly shop too and stored up on some goodies for later. It was simply a day to wander and talk nothing else, family time. I kinda miss that being altogether and hope to do more of it. You realize that family time is important and makes me feel over the moon.

I got to spend some time down by the ocean, and hear it’s lapping sound onto the shore. It was so very peaceful and soothing after a busy week at school. Sometimes you need to breathe before you can pick up where you left off again. The water was so blue and the breeze gently caressed your face. Even though there was a lot of people about it still was pleasantly quiet.

I managed to get some snaps of us all, not that I needed photos, since the moments have been etched into my heart and soul. My family, is my life and life has taught me to be grateful for them. I never take them for granted, but now realize how happy I am when I spend time with them.


Kitty-Kat xox

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