Journal mess

I have never been one of those people who work in a neat and tidy fashion, especially when I am journaling, basically everything is all over the place. There isn’t a lot of order and definitely no rhyme or reason to it. As you can see from the photo things get pulled out all over the place. I like having everything out for me to use and create with. Lately I have been going through my stash and using it up, no saving for that special time, because chances are there are no special times, except right now. I have made a pact with myself to use my stuff now rather than later. So far it has been working, and a lot of my journal spreads have been made with older craft stash.

Journaling has helped me to let go, of a lot of objects that I have been holding onto, for way too long. I feel cleansed and happier not carrying a weight of stuff around with me anymore. I am opening up on the page more with little things, and finding my Mojo has helped. A Messy workplace helps me lose myself into the flow of my creativity, where as if it was neat, I would be too afraid to let myself go. Or even make a mess.

I have managed to make a proper dent in my craft stash too, which has helped my confidence to no end. It is a bit like Christmas everytime I find something else to use, everything is falling into place just so. I am happy to pull out my journal here and there knowing the time is well spent. I guess I am in a journaling roll at the moment and feeling fine.


Kitty-Kat xox

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