New journal

It hasn’t been a month and already into a new journal, which is awesome to me for sure. I am not sure what I would do without a journal to pour not only my thoughts and feelings, but also my creativity that is boundless. It amazes me, I look back and see what I have written, but also created with my own hands.

There is something kinda wonderful about a new journal to write in, it fills me with joy and excitement. The crisp pages and journaling spaces ready for me to use, moments before the pen hits the page. Seeing my writing also gives a thrill, that I actually wrote all that upon the page. Sometimes it blows my mind that all those words and ideas came from me.

I used a Christmas card for the front, because here in Australia the seasons are turning and I thought it added a lovely touch. Of course there is washi tape all over as well, I do love a lot of washi 🤣 Again using up my stash is my main motivation here. I figure you can’t save everything ? I also feel if I use it in my journals then I will have it forever anyway ?

Ciao for now and happy journaling 🤣

Kitty-Kat xox

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