My Dylusions MTN

I went to a craft show here in Perth, last year and picked up this funky MTN by Dylusions Ranger. It isn’t leather but a tough canvas cover, and I fell in love with the print on it. I know what you all must be thinking ? Why has she got another journal ? Well I have my junk journal insert in there as well as a few other journal inserts I brought with the MTN. These are a collection of dotted, lined and hand drawn lines and I just adore them. I have even watercoloured some pages for backgrounds and the paper took the paint, so smooth to write upon as well, no scratchness when you write on it.

You could say that I am actually besotted with the journal, because it is so true. The brightness of the journal makes me so happy to write in it and I love to carry it about in my handbag as well, it is a great comfort to me to have it with me always. It fits my junk journal so comfortably into it so I can fuss and play with it wherever I go.

My pens nice and snug into the side elastic, I always carry an erasable black pen and a Bic coloured pen with me. I feel black looks so good on all my layouts and pages, sometimes I also carry a white signo pen of writing on darker surfaces. I think I am as obsessed with pens as I am with all other stationery 😍 I guess though we all go with what we know when journaling and crafting.

I do love though that over the years of journaling I have keenly developed my own unique style and flair. I will pore over social media for ideas and a little inspiration, but at the end of the day, I will always do it my way. I have set ideas and plans for my journals and pretty much want to make it my work, not necessarily copy others.

Let me know about your favourite journaling products and ideas.

Ciao for now

Kitty-Kat xox

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