What’s in my bag

I just thought that I would do a what’s in my bag post, something a little different and a little funky to me. I am a bit of a pack horse and carry quite a few items in my handbag. I guess like the Boy Scout motto; “Be prepared” pretty much sums up what I carry in my bag. Let’s get started !

  • In my bag currently:
  • My black and white travel purse
  • Mimco nude purse
  • Samsung phone
  • Versace sunglasses
  • Demin glass case
  • Bus card
  • Small makeup wallet
  • Asthma puffer
  • Epi pen
  • Action plan for Epi pen
  • Small notebook
  • Small pencil case
  • Headache tablets
  • Small comb
  • Book
  • Dylusions Ranger MTN
  • Anything else I have forgotten

It usually weighs a tonne which makes me laugh when people offer to carry it for me 🤗 But it has everything I could possibly need and more.

The handbag itself I wrote about in one of my previous posts.

Library tales 11/3/19

Check it out to find out about the mustard coloured leather handbag.

Ciao for now

Kitty-Kat xox

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