Rainy days….

Well today as well as yesterday sees rainy weather return to Perth, and I am in heaven. I absolutely adore rain days, ever since I was a kid. I love watching the clouds pile up together, getting bigger and bigger until they final rain. These last couple of days, rain has been a sweet sound out my window and lullaby to my sleep. And so of course I needed to write a blog post about it all.

Being in and out of the car over the last couple of days I have been keenly watching the sky and the clouds. Nature is so great in giving us beautiful clouds to watch going across the normally blue skies. Now I have seen so many different shades and hues of clouds and skies it has inspired me so much visually. I am working on journal spreads so no doubt the colours will end up in my journal for sure.

It’s also so wonderful to hear the rain and smell the ground after it falls. I find myself drawn outdoors when the rain begins to fall. There is something quite magical about rain, and what it brings out in people, and also the world itself. Everything looks slightly anew after it rains. It also makes me feel toasty and warm inside my bedroom, I could watch it out my window fall for what seems like forever. Rainy days mean raincoats and brightly coloured umbrellas, not forgetting gum boots as well to splash in the puddles. I guess it brings out the inner kid in me.

Rainy days in April make me smile, after the long hot Summers we have here in Perth. It means alas Summer is over and Autumn has finally begun. The trees leaves are all going yellow, red or brown as they tuck in for the coming Winter. Time to jump in crunchy leaves and rug up against cooler winds blowing. Sorry I’ve gone all romantic about the season change.

Anyway hope you are happy wherever you may be in the world.

Ciao for now

Kitty-Kat xox

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