Cold weather is here…

Well the cold weather has come to Perth and I am loving it. I can sit curled up in my blanket on my bed and read my book. It is so cozy and warm I simply don’t want to move. Perfect weather to stay walled up indoors for a few hours. My favourite music playing on the radio and having a nap here or there, when it gets too cold. Lazy Saturday in Autumn, and it’s so good to enjoy these small little moments, after a really long hot Summer. It feels good that Autumn has finally come through.

I have said it before, I am not a Summer person. I am more an Autumn person with rainy days and cold mornings more my style. It is so lovely, how the seasons have finally changed, and great time to get out my favourite red boots and jeggings to wear about the place. During this week I plan to get new slippers which are a yearly ritual into Autumn. As are new pajamas, every Easter as kids my brother and I would get new pajamas and slippers as part of our Easter presents. And I kinda like to keep up that tradition myself. So it will be cutesy slippers for me, you really can not take the little girl out the woman you become. Anyway normal wouldn’t suit my Pug PJs at all.

On a personal note I have clocked up over 500 likes on my blog and thank everyone who has been part of it.

Ciao for now

Kitty-Kat xox

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