I love shoes, I love buying shoes, I love wearing shoes and I love looking at shoes. I guess shoes have always fascinated, and held my attention pretty much since I was a child. Yes I used to try on my Mum’s shoes when I was little, and then stand in front of the mirror admiring myself. Oh those were the days, simple life and big dreams ahead for me.

I remember high school my shoes I refused to wear anything else, were my red Converse sneakers. I loved those shoes until they fell apart from wear. So comfy and my everyday shoes. I guess late 80’s and into the 90’s it was pretty much the fashion, not that I always followed it.

My next style shoes I went for were my Doc Martin’s which were jet black and with the yellow stitching at the bottom. These shoes I got in my head that I needed, because I was going to England to live and work as Nanny. I was also pretty much obsessed with anything British too I must add. I ended up in an Army surplus store on Wellington street in Perth. And got them perfectly in my size, they went with me on all my adventures oversea and back. One of my favourite memories is wearing them when I got to see and experience snow for the first time in my life. What indeed a memory that was for me.

Now I wear a mixture of shoes slip on ones for school and mostly in the winter boots of all types. I still have my Doc Martin’s, but not my red Converse sneakers. Maybe next Spring I will get a pair. I do have leather boots cherry red and so comfortable to wear. They are one of my favourite shoes, especially for Autumn and Winter weather. Just love shoes of all kinds and colours, I suppose I am still that child who liked to try on my Mum’s shoes.

Ciao for now

Kitty-Kat xox

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