Music memories

I have been spending my holidays catching up with my love of 1980’s music. My brother found a radio station on our digital radio, called Easy that plays mainly 80’s music and I am so addicted to it. They have been playing some music that I haven’t heard in ages, probably since I was about 11years old. It has been a delightful trip down memory lane for me indeed.

I can not pin point why that era is so important to me, but the music makes me smile like no other does. I guess it is because everything in the 80’s was so new and different in every way. None of the artists were manufactured, they had talent and were so stylish too. Although 80’s fashion did have a few misses here and there.

I guess it was too, when my taste in music changed from what my folks listened to, and I started to break away and form my own music tastes. At this time I also got obsessed with song lyrics and memorizing them, and there were plenty of magazines out like Smash hits to feed that need.

I also got my first Walkman and so my family was grateful not to be bombarded with my extreme loud music. I did however go everywhere with it, and didn’t always turn it off when my Mum wanted me too. It was a blissful time, and even today my calm down strategy is listening to my music loudly.

There were also concerts like Live Aid and music shows like MTV, and here in Australia Rage,which I sat in front of for most of my Saturday mornings. The 80’s were a defined decade, like the 70’s and the 60’s before them. So much changed in our lives, but everything was still pretty innocent times, compared to today’s world.

I loved to dance around my room with a hairbrush, and pretend I was Madonna or Bryan Adams. It was fun and free no smartphones or internet. Well I still sing and dance around my room, or anywhere else when a favourite song comes on the radio or YouTube and I guess I am channeling my 80’s self. Maybe I have answered my own question about 80’s music.

The reason why I love 80’s music is it makes me think of happy times as a kid, when all the music was new and I hear it for the first time. So now I only have to hear it to feel that happiness flow through me again. And you know that might not be a bad thing at all.

I have always had an head for musical facts about music from that era, and pretty much can name songs with the very first bar. My family think it is weird, but it’s how I roll. I used to sit every night and listen to the countdown of the top 10 on 6pm radio station all the time. I collected the music countdown charts that came out every week and pretty much knew which song was hot and what was not. I loved music that much and I guess being a teenager, music was where you felt at home, as well as the song lyrics really spoke to you. Nothing else appeared to know you better than some love song or teenage angst.

Music was always there for me, and many other teenager’s the world over continue to feel the same about music today. Yes it is shared now on Apple music or Spotify, but the music is still heard through the ears and the lyrics still remain the same, just a different era. So maybe slightly off topic, but there is my music memories. I see my life go by as I hear a familiar song on the radio. It brings me back to my childhood and makes me smile. And I wonder how I can remember the words to a song, but not what I did yesterday. Funny how the human memory really works at times.

So excuse me while I go and listen to some 80’s music 🎧📻📱

Ciao for now

Kitty-Kat xox

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