Desk time

This afternoon I ended up having a long session at my desk, and even finished a journal insert and set up my new blue Travelers notebook I got this week. My room was a mess with everything off my chair and desk all over the floor and bed, but it was worth it completely. I used my new daylight lamp Mum brought me too and my goodness it lights up so well. My room can be rather dark and so it was so good to sit at my desk and see what I was writing.

It is so good to have a desk to work on my journaling and creative art projects, and not having to balance it all on my bed. I even ended up having a bit of a clean out and go through magazines and books. I now remember what it was like when we lived at Wattleup and I had my big built in desk and wardrobes. My desk was always important to me where I could simply sit at and do my thing.

Now I have one again it feels somehow perfect. It was quite fun working at it all afternoon while the rest of the house were busy doing their own thing. I wrote and wrote some more until all the words had came out and then I felt so happy. It feels more real to me and I am so grateful for getting a desk again. Now my place to create is always there when I need it. A place just for me alone and nobody else.

Ciao for now

Kitty-Kat xox

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