Times when you need to simply journal

I spent a little time with my notebook the other day, I went to an specialist appointment and stopped in Dome to have a coffee and breakfast. I managed to take a few pictures of my mini journal session, along with my chai latte and empty plate. I quite forgot the time and before I knew it was almost nine o’clock. I had simply been writing my heart and soul out. It was something I needed to do, I was feeling rather nervous about the appointment and writing about it helped so much.

I carry a journal wherever I go and find more and more lately I am writing in it again and again. I find it comforts me and getting all those negative thoughts out of my head is the very best thing for me to do. I guess that there are truly times when you need to journal and this was one of those times.

Eating my breakfast and drinking my coffee I found having the journal beside me helped a lot. It was like having my bestie with me, and although I am a very confident person, on that day I did not feel that way at all. You always dread what the Specialist might say…and that it could be back for a third time. I try to keep positive, but sometimes it is so hard too. I am so glad that I can write it all in my journal. And suddenly feel ten feet tall, and not the scared girl I am really deep inside. So never ever underestimate what journaling can do for you.

Ciao for now

Kitty-Kat xox

Keep journaling

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