Winter cold

It happens every year, the dreaded cold, and try as I might, working with young children means it is going to hit you sooner rather than later. So Friday night I finally succumbed to what my body had been telling me for days, you are sick deal with it. And so Friday night tucked myself up in bed and hoped to sleep the sickness away.

By Saturday morning I was pretty much gone, the rest of the day was in and out of resting and staring like a zombie at you tube videos. I texted my bestie who said just sleep and that was pretty much what I needed.

This morning was Sunday and my body was rebelling, but I got up and got dressed. Chai latte and Apple slice with my folks and then more resting on my bed when I got home.

And now well rested and showered I feel a millions bucks. However I still somewhat worst for wear, but hey that is life isn’t it, rolling with the punches is how it goes I think ?

Anyway my Weekend didn’t go as planned, but a Weekend tucked up in bed during Winter whe it is cold, probably not a bad thing you could say. Early to bed tonight just to help recovery along I think will do quite nicely indeed.

Ciao for now

Kitty-Kat xox

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