Rainy days with Kindys

Well this week has been full on with wet weather most days this week at school. This has meant many of our little Kindy’s and Pre-Primary’s are getting cabin fever, where little issues has become full blown situations. Duplo is usually the main one, taking turns and it can be life or death if somebody else has the blue car. At this age big emotions can sometimes overwhelm them. With also being cooped up inside doesn’t help one bit. By the end of today, I think most of the class simply wanted to sit down and cry.

Bonus today we got most of the kids logged onto the computers at school, but I think the Teacher I work with and I were ready for a long break and a glass of wine. Micro- managing a group of young children is never for the faint hearted at all. The kids liked listening to “Elmer” book we are reading at the moment and did some amazing backgrounds and elephants as well. They now have discovered Pete the cat and his multi coloured shoes, which is great with rhyming and colours as well as being resilient when things happen.

Lots of painting and drawing happening this week, and the kids I think really enjoyed creating something uniquely their own. I love my job with the younger students of our school, but also felt very proud of those who are further along in our school. We had a multi-cultural day and I got to see most of my former students that are now in the upper grades, it made my heart soar to hear them come up and talk to me. I had a lot of laughs with them all and was good to see them again, because I am mainly in Kindergarten and Pre-Primary area. It is lovely to know that former students never forget their first teachers at all.

Now I am sitting back while writing this after a warm shower and thinking about my day I had. There is no set pace with this job, you pretty much got full belt, or you are prepping for what is to come. And you know what I wouldn’t want or have it any other way. So this is goodbye from “Littleland” and hooray to sunny skies pending.

Adieu for now from

Kitty-Kat xox

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