Holidays almost over

I can not believe that two weeks have almost completely over, and that it is back to school I will go next week. Where did all those days go ? It feels like I only just started to get into holiday mode. I am not saying I haven’t had fun, it is just that time really goes quick when you are having fun.

And fun is something I have been having a lot of, as well as lazy days of curling up and watching telly and laying on the couch. There has also been a lot of busy days catching up with family and close friends, and I feel like I have been really enjoying being around them. My life has been ever so more brighter because of them.

There has been chai latte and hot chocolate galore that I have been able to have hot too. Yes I have missed my class of children too, but badly needed the rest and relaxation though. I feel ready to go, but still will savour these next couple of days left of my school holidays.

So whereveryou are reading this blog post I hope your days are filled with love and family too.

Ciao for now

Kitty-Kat xox

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