Queen at Live Aid

On Saturday 13th of July 2019 was the anniversary of Queen’s take over of Live Aid, and it’s hard to believe it has been 35 years ago as well. I remember the day myself being 12years old at the time, I pretty much begged my Parent’s to let me watch it on telly. You kinda knew that Live Aid was going to be big indeed, but nobody knew how big. It’s weird that all these years later we are still talking about the event. Queen blew me away that night and my goodness I enjoyed every single moment of it.

Freddie Mercury had the whole world in the palm of his hand, and seeing it in the movie Bohemian Rhapsody brought it back in Technicolor for me totally. He along with his band members Brian, Roger and John really stole Live Aid and went down as legends. It also made me truly realize what a hole in the world Freddie Mercury’s death on the 24th November 1991 really has left in my heart as well as other fans. It truly makes me believe that you need to make every moment count in your life and in the world as well.

Yes Freddie Mercury was some kind of supernova that took the world by storm, and Live Aid was surely a big part of that too. The performance was mind blowing and Freddie’s voice is truly heaven sent. I ended up watching Queen’s performance on YouTube on Saturday and the tears did flow. It gave me chills and also brought back a part of my childhood as well. And I will never ever forget it as long as I live upon this earth. Yes I did clap along to Radio Ga Ga and my heart was in my mouth when they left the stage.

I must admit my favourite parts are the dance with the camera man and ready FREDDIE, not forgetting his mightly interplay with the crowd and his thank you all’s in We are the Champions. But it is also his performance with Brian and a guitar later in the evening, that also is quite magical. And seeing Freddie in that white outfit truly is breathtaking indeed. Just knowing as well that his Doctor told him not too sing makes it even more memorable and tragic to know, that in only a short couple of years the world would lose Freddie Mercury at 45years old.

I am 45years old in October and I can not begin to imagine dying at my age. I wonder what went through his mind to know he would never make old bones ? I do know that he had such strength and never complained about the pain he must of felt. To me that makes him an angel in my book and everytime I watch Queen’s Live Aid performance I think what a legend indeed.

It also makes me realize that at the time AIDS did not care who you were or who it killed. It was also as a kid a very scary time, because AIDS was everywhere in the media, and people had such small minds about the disease.To such an extense that many of those who suffered from the disease did so in secrecy like Freddie Mercury did.

I will leave you with some photos gotten off Facebook of Freddie Mercury and Queen at Live Aid. Truly a moment in music history that changed lives forever.

Ciao for now…or should it be AOOO

Kitty-Kat xox

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