I didn’t realize it had been so very long since I wrote a blog post, so here I am back again. School is busy and fun with the Kindys continue to make me laugh a lot. I can not however believe it is now August though ? Where did the time and year go ? It won’t be long until Spring is here and closely followed by Summer.

I have been journaling a lot, and also working on my Faith journal which has helped me to deal with a lot of baggage through scripture studies. I also feel happier in myself after a lot of soul searching on my part. I also done with toxic people and decided some time ago to spend time with people I actually like to be with.

I feel renewed and refreshed as well as being myself again. I so enjoy my work with my Kindys and Pre-Primary’s they keep me grounded as well as help me not take life too seriously as I sometimes do. Life just feels a little more on track for me and really concentrating on being happy and being myself. I sometimes feel like I disappear at times and that nobody really sees the real me.

I got to spend some time with my folks today at a craft show, and I picked a few crafty things for my crafting pursuits. I can not wait to use them in the future though, probably in my journals for sure. Speaking about my journals, I am getting comfortable with more writing and less decoration and I do like to mix my journals up with different tones and colours used. I don’t want them to all look the same, for me that would be very boring indeed.

Here are a few pics of some crafty things I brought today.

Anyway ciao for now

Kitty-Kat xox

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