Holidays over

It is hard to believe that the school holidays seemed to have gone in a flash, and this time next week I will be back at school. I have enjoyed my time off and went into the two week break with simply having chill time. I know that it was certainly that indeed, and I am now home from a week of house sitting for a good friend of mine. The weather has also been lovely and sunny the last couple of days, is now windy and rainy outside. Oh well it is Winter after all.

So now back to reality you could say and the post holidays blues that hits us all, when our holidays are over. There is still the weekend ahead, and I am grateful for that indeed. I am currently working on my journaling and creative writing endeavours as well as I wind down. The break was just as I really needed, but I miss the kids and can not wait for a new term and new challenges.

I guess if you didn’t go on holidays you wouldn’t know what you were really missing ? I also am grateful for the break I did get these past two weeks. I hope everybody else is doing okay and my thoughts are with you all.

Ciao for now

Kitty-Kat xox

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