Night sky

I have always found the night sky so very fascinating indeed, from a kid until now. And it is no surprise that it still draws me in, especially on cold nights like we are having currently. I feel though, when I lived in the countryside of West Sussex in the UK that the stars were even more visible to me, so far from the city as well. I also had to learn a whole new night sky as well from my home in Perth, Western Australia and the names of the new stars before me,

It was rather delightful to learn something new, although I did miss the Southern cross constellation, so very well known to me from a childhood stargazing in Australia. It is not until you leave the big cities of UK that you really notice how big and full of stars our night skies truly are. It truly took my breath away when I saw it for the first time, after I had settled into my new home in Petworth.

It is so very hard to describe in mere words, but it was a sight I could never ever forget in my life, above me were too many stars to actually count, it reminded me of Vincent Van Gough’s Starry night and blew my mind. How beautiful the night sky could be ? And not black at all, but the deepest blues and darkest purples you could ever find in a paint box. It also make me realize that Mother Nature is really an amazing thing indeed. I thought too, that we are so very small indeed in the grand scheme of the universe and life itself.

All this from looking up instead of down Even now nothing soothes me more than to look upon a night sky. I love to look at the moon as well, and how big she would get in July when we would see the huge harvest moons. Truly breathtaking 😊 My fascination with astronomy has shown me many things over the years, I even got to see Haley’s comet when I was at Primary school. I’ve seen moon eclipses and super moons as well and seen the planet’s Venus and Mercury bright in the early morning sky. It makes me feel so very lucky indeed.

Anyway as the sun goes down and day becomes night here in Perth, remember to look up sometimes yourself ? You never know what you might see ?

Kitty-Kat xox

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