It is the weekend here for me in Perth, Western Australia and very cold indeed. I also battling yet another cold and some hip pain, yet I solider on as I do. I am alive and enjoying life ☺ And it is the weekend and so more cause to celebrate. I am currently rugged up looking on social media and also reading my library book. The radio is on in the background and I am having quiet time. I did have a nasty headache, but after an afternoon nap it abated somewhat.

Doing nothing may appear lazy to others but to me it keeps my sanity. I need time to just simply kick back and have no particular thoughts in my head. Away from the pressures of work, I like to simply chill and take my time. Nothing seems soo important that it needs doing at this moment in time. Anyway life isn’t meant to be rushed through, it’s time to stop and watch the clouds float by.

Now I will go back to my book and settle down for the evening, alas I have become boring homebody.

Ciao for now

Kitty-Kat xox

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