Sick days

Today is the first day that I actually feel human again, after spending most of the week in bed, with not only a sinus infection and also ended up with Gastro as well. Oh well the perks of working with small children, who are germ factories, with cuteness on the outside to fool you. Small Kindys do love to share their illnesses with you, but hey I do adore this age group so much though. They are very frank and honest, as well as having an awesome wonderment of life and the universe that is so uniquely theirs alone.

Sorry I got off topic there, being sick wasn’t fun at all, but I did get lots of sleep, and get to spend time in bed, and in my PJ’S as well. So there has to be some highs to being many but a few indeed. Now I am feeling a lot better and able to read my book and actually feel really better in myself too. I am actually writing a blog post as well, which unthinkable a couple days ago.

It has been very rainy these last couple of days too, I really enjoyed hearing the rain, which pretty much lulled me to sleep. It’s so cozy in bed when the weather is so gloomy and rainy. Not that I always was conscious of time and weather when I had a bad fever.

Now on the mend, I feel as if I am over the worst, and well on the way back to the land of the living indeed. I have well wishers checking up on me and chats with my Bestie, and looking forward to going back to work tomorrow, and seeing all my Kindys again.

It’s funny too because life doesn’t stop when you are sick, it keeps on going on as usual. I only feel like I have stepped off it for awhile, and soon I will join everyone again. Life is totally funny that way.

Anyway ciao for now Kitty-Kat xox

See you on the blogosphere 😎

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