Faith journal

I recently started a Faith journal, to keep my scripture studies separate from my everyday journal, mainly because I want to go more in-depth with my scripture studies, than I can in my other journals. So far it is working out rather well and I keep my letters to God within it’s pages, as well as any passages from the Bible I am working on. I also put any prayer requests in there and anything else to do my Faith journaling. It is a source of great comfort for me, and I carry it everywhere with me in a Mimco pouch in my handbag. I feel a great peace come over me since starting my Faith journal and I realize what has been missing from my life lately. Now I have opened a door and nothing is ever gonna close it on me again.

My Faith has become a great comfort to me of late, with all my health issues I feel safe in God’s presence and that I finally feel loved and at home in myself completely. At first I did not want to really upload pictures from my Faith journal, but now I feel no I should share them with you all out there in the blogosphere. Maybe somebody is out there struggling like I was and can find some comfort in what I have already experienced myself. I got these amazing Bible verse cards from Open Journey, who I found on Instragram and scattered the verses throughout my Faith journal. All of the cards are handmade and Ingrid paints all the art featured in her Open Journey shop. Please check her out on Instragram at @openjourney

The notebook I use is nothing special, something I picked up from a local store, and I simply just started to write in it immediately. No fuss whatsoever, it is all about your own journey and spiritual growth. My Faith simply needed a place to live and grow within. And so I write in this journal and feel myself closer to God. I hope that helps you all out there in the blogosphere. There is no right or wrong way, only not talking with God at all. Faith is very powerful thing to have and it is something nobody can actually take away from you either.

Ciao for now Kitty-Kat xox

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