Bed…to dream

After spending quite a lot of time in bed over last week, I have found myself in love with my bed and my bedroom too. I guess we do spend an awful lot of time in bed when you think about it. So it isn’t surprising that you wouldn’t want your bedroom to be as comfy and inviting as possible.

I find my Bed is also where I work on my journaling and also where I work on my Blog posts. It is a place that is so very comfortable with cushions, blankets and array of stuffed animals that I just can’t do without. So it is any wonder I would want to spend my leisure time on my bed as well ?

I feel too that I am not alone in this practice of mine. Beds around the world right now are being used as office space and other things besides sleeping in. What better place to read a good book or simply stare into space as you listen to the radio or catch up on your favourite shows on Netflixs. Your bedroom these days are so much more than places too sleep.

Hotel rooms are bedrooms in a different city, I guess and I love too close the door, and sleep in the bed after a long flight. Yes maybe not as cozy as your own back home, but nonetheless with white sheets and a pillow fort it can be. A place to read maps and plan outings to the city you are currently visiting. A place to come back too after a long day of sightseeing. Sometimes they are a lot fancier than your bedroom at home, and make it even comfy to settle down and relax in.

I find that I often share my bed with my many books and other stuff as well. I often find myself not wanting to be separated from my beloved books and even my journals, that they often stay on my bed and I simply sleep around them. Maybe a little strange, but hey it is totally me for sure. My bedroom is truly an important place, or room you could say, where I am able to have such privacy and just being myself nobody else.

So very much so… sleep…to dream..

Ciao for now Kitty-Kat xox

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