Weekend vibes

Springtime is upon us…

Now that September has come, gone have the short days and instead have come light to our mornings and rainy spring days. The flowers are in bloom in my garden and blue skies tower above here in Perth, Western Australia. I am sad for Winter to go, but her chilly mornings haven’t completely left us. And Spring brings new life and new fun to my weekend vibes.

I am still getting over my sinus infection and Gastro but well on the mend for sure. Today saw Mum go off to the country for a Quilters day, in Toodyay. Dad and I went to the library for more reading material and also lunch out. It was such a beautiful day as well, kinda warm in the sun too. A great day to spend outdoors enjoying the famous Perth sunshine.

I really can not get over how big our skies are when there is nothing but blue ? It was divine when we drove home and the trees were creating a dappled tunnel with the sun across the road. It is noticing the little details for sure, being thankful for life’s surprises and not getting too hung up with stuff and life in general.

Weekends are for quiet reflection and taking time out to be with those who mean a lot to you. During the week can get kinda of crazy time wise, but never weekends, they are for family and friends. Watching telly or listening to music, are fun things to do as well as catching up with a good book, and writing in my blog or journals. Everything slows down on weekends, and so it should, life is too fast pace for me anyway.

Markets tomorrow and coffee shops with my folks regular Sunday mornings which I so enjoy and look forward to all week. You never quite know what you will find at the Carpark markets ? I have a few treasures over the last couple of months. Great to spend time at Miami bakehouse with the folks and have a coffee and yummy cake from their bakery.

Anyway ciao for now Kitty-Kat xox

3 thoughts on “Weekend vibes

  1. The Hummingbird's Journal says:

    Enjoy your weekend, Kylie! I hope you feel well soon from your sinus infection. I’m curious about what is Quilters Day? Does it have to do with making quilts? I’d never heard of it before 🙂 Thank you for sharing your tranquil weekend vibes! I’m also enjoying this weekend with some blog writing time.

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