I am a blogger

Well I have been busy writing up a storm of Blog posts for my Blog here on WordPress, and enjoying every minute of it. Blogging has become a real big part of my life, even when I don’t blog for awhile, believe me I am still thinking of it. It also doesn’t appear possible to keep finding stuff to blog about, but hey I always manage to everytime.

I still pinch myself when I realize that I have my very own Blog and that I am a blogger in every sense of the word. I have met so many inspiring people too through my Blog and that has helped me to no end. They understand me like only other bloggers could really do. It is still pretty amazing to see my blog with my name on it, and I love seeing comments and follows by others.

I also feel there is a lot of stuff about blogging that you don’t always realize until you are amongst it all. I realize it takes time and hard work to get yourself noticed by others and the public at general. I feel too I have grown as a writer and in turn my blogging has improved throughout my blog life, that just keeps getting better and better.

I feel stronger as a person through my blogging and simply taking a step into it and not being afraid to simply got for it. There was no more umm or ahhh to be had, I just needed to go and do it, go and write my thoughts and feelings down and just be a real person. I also wonder to myself, why I didn’t do this sooner ? But I guess I am here now and that is the most important thing to me.

Blogging means that I get to share my life and my world with the rest of the world, and to me that means everything. It is why I continue too write and publish my blog posts and reach out to fellow Bloggers.

Adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox

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