This blog post with a picture of a teddy bear with the caption; ” Looking for a friend” and that broke my heart. So here I am writing about teddy bears and how they become lifelong friends to the children who love and adore them. Teddy bears are confidant and secret keepers, who are there no matter what happens in a young child’s life. They listen in the middle of the night, when the tears come and there is nobody else to turn too. Teddies are loyal and with you throughout good times and bad.

Every one of us had a teddy bear as a child who went with us everywhere, was carried from car to shops and everywhere else in between. They wait on your bed after the first day of school, ready too hear all your adventures and stories. We even had Teddies for the children on their first day of Kindergarten to help with the transition from home to school. There is something magical about Teddies and their special bond with children the world over ?

Teddy bears to me are awesome partners in fun and laughing, they never judge or rush you, they simply let you be yourself and nobody else. Sometimes I wish people would be that kind to one another.

Teddy bears get loved and sometimes lose an eye or ear, but they are loved even more for these imperfections by kids, they aren’t thrown away, but held tighter. Life can get kinder tough for kids and teddies are often their only friend in the big scary world and their very big emotions. Teddies simply remain cuddly and soft, so their owners may find comfort with them. It’s a teddy’s job to be there always, and I don’t know a teddy that hasn’t ever been more than that to its owner.

We never forget our Teddy bear companions at all even when we are older, with children of our own. It’s then when we realize the magic of Teddies and their special bond with their owners. Thank you so much to all the Teddy bears of the world.

Kitty-Kat xox

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