My garden Elf

We went out for cake and coffee with my Mum’s Sister today at a place called Kelly’s in Canning vale. There Berry cheesecake was to die for and the Chai latte was pretty good as well. Unfortunately the garden centre that ran alongside it is closing down in two weeks time.

Alas we ended up going to a Garden centre on North lake road, where I ended up finding this cute and whimsy Elf who is sleep-walking. Of course I couldn’t just leave without buying it and taking it home and so long story short, he is now living in our patio garden.

He appears to be quite happy amongst the pot plants and hopefully won’t go off wandering tonight in his new home. The next thing to do is find a name, for him ? Probably Sleepy would fit the bill.

Anyway good night from Sleepy and me šŸ˜

Kitty-Kat xox

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