My garden full of flowers

Today has been a very beautiful sunny spring day, and so I took some photos of my garden that Dad and I started a few years ago. Now it is looking so mature and brimming over with so many flowers and succulents, we have recently added into the mix to add a little texture to our front garden. Mum has come on board with ideas and more plants to add too our already over flowing garden space.

I love to spend time here and when I was having Chemo a few years ago, I found colour and joy within it’s boundaries. There is something about the nodding heads of daisies that you can’t help but smile at ? I love to simply walk through the garden touching flowers and plants as well as giving them added encouragement to grow and call them little man as I go by. It may seem a little silly, but I always talk to the flowers and trees about my house.

It helps me to feel happy and let’s the garden know how much I love the joy it brings me. It also let’s the flowers and plants know, how much I love the flowers they grow and bloom as well they are doing a great job. Everything that grows needs to know it is valued and not taken for granted.

Today being so sunny made the garden look even more beautiful than ever, although even on a wet day the garden looks wonderful to me. I feel so happy that my Dad and I created it with our own two hands. It also is a garden that as Father and Daughter, we have done together, and makes it a special place that will always hold very special memories.

So I hope you enjoy the following photos that update our front garden, and the lovely blooms of an awesome September day here in Perth, Western Australia.

Kitty-Kat xox

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