Reading moments

What I love about holidays, is the time I can spend reading is a lot more than normal. In fact I have just came home from my week of house-sitting, unpacked and ended up on my bed with a Thomas Hardy book, quietly reading and enjoying the sea breeze coming through my open window. Peaceful bliss I would probably call it, reading totally renews me like nothing else does.

I love the escapism you get from reading and the feeling that you have totally entered another world entirely. Nothing else can quite give you the same thrill as it does, without leaving your chair.

Reading outside in the garden, is also a favourite spot of mine and when I was younger you would always find me in the backyard, with book in hand. Today I spent time under the patio where I was staying and read, it was bliss.

Reading outside is also a way to get fresh air and also be out in nature. It also makes me look up from my book and see what is happening around me. Butterflies playing in lavender bush or a plane flying over. Or even the movement of the sun throughout the day and clouds scooting across the horizon. Nothing beats fresh air and the outdoors.

Libraries are another place to read, and lose yourself completely in the moment and within the pages of the book you have chosen. Comfy chairs and the lovely smell of books even adds to the atmosphere, you can not buy moments like that anywhere.

I am so happy with myself, yesterday I finished reading Jude the Obscure by Thomas Hardy and now reading The Woodlanders, another Thomas Hardy book’s and happy being in the Wessex countryside. Nothing beats finishing a good book and then starting another one.

To all those Booklovers out there in the blogosphere, I hope you are enjoying good book as well. And here is to Spring holidays where you get to read as long as you wish.

Ciao for now Kitty-Kat xox

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