Holiday reading

I just finished reading Michele Cushatt’s book called I am

This book has truly touched my soul, and I now know my Faith no matter what is stronger than ever before. Sometimes it was hard to read, because Michele is a Cancer survivor like me, and what she wrote about her fight with Cancer, it really hit close to home. Some of the feelings and stuff she was saying really hit the mark and for that I am truly grateful to Michele. Her book and story helped me not only heal, but also realize I am never alone, what with God by my side and people like Michele.

Cancer robbed me of not only my womanhood, but my dreams I had of a life, now I would never live. I survived countless surgeries,two blood transfusions and on my second occurrence of Cancer; Chemotherapy, rushed to hospital after a bad reaction to medication, lost my hair and appetite, depression, but never hope or my smile.

After reading Michele’s story I found a kindred spirit, and also realize it is okay, not to be okay with what happened to me. It sucked what happened, and it’s okay to have bad days as well as good. It also brings home, that my Faith keeps me never losing hope, even when everything but the kitchen sink has been thrown at me.

I’ve learnt the boundless strength I have is, because of not only my family and friends, but also because of unwavering belief in God. Michele’s book did dig up a few issues, but more than that it brought home to me, the strength and will power I have grown to see me through my trials, and my life in general.

Now back to the book, I recommend you have post it notes, or a notebook handy while reading this. You are going to need it, for a lot of what Michele talks about and beautiful quotes from the Bible she has chosen. You will want to make tonnes of notes, as I did, it is that kind of book that really gets you between the eyes, and makes you really truly think. To me that is the best kind of book to read.

I would also recommend that you take your time, and really savour the book and the content within it. To me it felt a cross between being wrapped up in a cozy blanket, and chai latte with my best friend. After reading this book I have found that I am a little less hard on myself, and spirituality more in tune with my Faith and the world around me. And that truly has helped me lately with my health issues, and life simply in general.

It also has helped me to grow closer to God, Jesus Christ and the Holy spirit with my current mentality. I really have a bounce in my step after finished reading this amazing book. Michele also I feels doesn’t sugar coat what it is like to go through Cancer and the treatments you are put on, that I find truthful as well as very brave.

It also goes to show you can survive all that and still feel a sense of loss, that unfortunately not everybody gets. When she talked about that it really hit me, because it was exactly what I went through. Yes I survived Cancer, but I am forever not the person I was before all of this.

I feel this book brings me a lot closer to God and for that I am truly grateful to Michele Cushatt for writing this book. And to you out there, pick this book up, and you won’t regret reading at all.

Adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox

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