Day trip

Coffee in Freo
My view of green leaves
Freo selfie
Comfy sofa

Today was a day for me to go out and have a little Me time and boy did I enjoy myself. No real plans just a bit of shopping at Garden city, and then chilled moment in Fremantle, a place full of childhood memories. Cafes everywhere in Fremantle, and I chose one on High street, not the usual Cappuccino strip as the locals and a lot of tourists now call it. This cafe is smaller than the average ones and a little more down to earth, with beat up sofas and a pool table as well.

I sat with my chai latte, and read my book, as well as carry on a text conversation, with my Bestie who has been away for a week. Background music and the sound of the coffee machine were all I heard. People were there, but it was background chat that didn’t really effect me at all. Believe me, when I am reading I zone everything out completely. It was lovely to have quiet time after the shopping centre, it wasn’t total madness, but there were a few people around being school holidays and everything.

Cafes are my safe places to go and simply step out of the world for awhile. I become more of an observer, not so much taking part in the world. It helps me to recharge myself and take time for me. It’s fun to people watch and just kinda listen to other people, and what they are up too. You end up with an entirely different perspective than your own.

It also I feel is a healthy thing to step back into the background for awhile. It is usually when I hear the most amazing conversations, for example a Mum was teaching her young daughter how to play pool. And big brother as well, giving the young girl encouragement when she hit the ball. You see if I wasn’t passively observing, I would of totally missed that exchange between Mother and Daughter.

I feel the world is too busy focusing on social media, and always trying to get ahead, we forget what is right in front of us. Life is pretty awesome, and sadly a lot of those small fleeting moments, simply go unnoticed and we forget to look out for them ourselves. I do love social media myself, but there is a point when you need to put the smartphone down and take look at what is actually in front of you. Most times it is a child or loved one, people who are supposed to be your whole world. And yet you ignore them, because somebody has liked your post on Facebook or Instragram.

Anyway rant over... I feel so very refreshed and happy after my Day trip, and so glad I went, and not stayed home instead. I do enjoy my own company, as well as being around other people. Today was a day simply for me alone, and of course the shopping. The weather was simply glorious as well, sunny, but not too warm a great combination indeed.

I think I might do a blog post about Fremantle as well, to all of you out there in the blogosphere, it is truly a beautiful place to visit in Western Australia for sure. Okay now I am really talking the place up, but hey home town and all.

Let me know if you need a little space by yourself as well sometimes ? I would be interested to know what things you like to do, when you to be alone ?

Now back home as I am writing and putting together this blog post, I feel like I have actually achieved something today. True it might of been going shopping and having Chai latte’s, but it was achieving quality time with myself.

A little self-care which seems to be a buzz word at the moment, but for which I am all for. We do need down-time, from our work, our lives and hey even time from our devoted loved ones. It is human nature to want to spend time alone and as our world gets faster and faster, people are gonna need more and more time away from it all.

Anyway ciao for now Kitty-Kat xox

Wish you were here in sunny Fremantle, Western Australia.

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