I love to daydream and simply stare up at the clouds, or the stars depending on the time of day or night. I find I get my most brilliant ideas when I daydream, or stare into space. Sometimes I even think about random and mundane stuff like, what colour is the play dough gonna be next week for the Kindy’s and Pre-Primary’s when school goes back Tuesday ?

Daydreams are really whatever you want to make of them. I used to get in trouble at school a lot as a kid, because I was always daydreaming while the Teacher was speaking. It did not help my case, that I could word for word, tell the Teacher what she had been talking about. Maybe going a step too far even by some.

Now as an Education assistant, working with Kindy and Pre-Primary students, my daydreaming pays off for me. I encourage the kids to look up at the clouds or the sky, and take notice of everything around them. So all my daydreaming, has really helped me to keep very much in touch with my inner child.

I feel we all need a little bit of slow living, and what better way than to do a little daydreaming. My journal writing wouldn’t be as good as it is, if I didn’t lose myself in some staring into space at times. Creatively my ideas flow more if I am staring out a bus or train window, or even sitting in a Freo cafe.

Daydreaming is a way to let your mind wander, or else you find yourself overwhelmed and overworked, not a great combination at all. It leads to stress and even depression in extreme cases. So I say hello daydreams and hello to creative bliss for me.

Adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox

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