Sometimes we all need a little solitude from the world around us, many people more than others, who find the world as a pretty overwhelming place, most of the time. I can relate to that myself, I am a social butterfly, but at times I am happy to simply kick back and chill. I need my alone space, or else, I really have a hard time playing nicely with others.

I acknowledge that fault in me, and find walking in nature, or by the ocean as very calming influences, when life gets too much to handle.Sunsets and poetry help as well, also simply unplugging from social media and the world in general.

Nothing takes my mind off everything, than spending time alone in the great outdoors, just the natural world around you. It helps me, anyway to simply heal and take stock of what is running around in my head. Without all the background noise and drama that sometimes gets a little too much for me around people.

To be alone with my thoughts, also helps me to deepen my Faith and also my journaling as well. I need a break from it all to be able too reconnect with myself more. I find it very hard to explain a lot of the time, because it is not that I personally snub people, it really isn’t about anybody at all if I am totally honest. It is more about my mental health and finding the balance I am comfortable with.

Working with young children I also find I really put my entire heart and soul into, which can mean after awhile, I have nothing to give and my tank is running on empty. I love my job and wouldn’t change it for anything, it just means at times I like to simply go off grid and enjoy some solitude.

It’s funny in English Literature there are a lot of poems and stories to do with solitude, it really is quite a descriptive word indeed. I do love how it sounds off my tongue whenever I say it. Just saying it brings me a special kind of peacefulness.

Adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox

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