First day back at school

Well today marked the Kindy’s and Pre-Primary’s return to school, after a two week spring holidays. They were definitely full if beans and excited about being back in the classroom, especially when it’s been changed around and full of dinosaurs and crafty things.

All the kids agreed that my new hair colour and cut is pretty good, and let me tell you it is a serious business here in Kindy/Pre-Primary class. They all have an opinion no matter the subject, who knew it was so serious here, in what most people affectionately call Littleland.

Thankfully the weather was sunny, but awfully cold nevertheless, all the kids wanted to do was play and hang out with their buddies in the playground. It was good to hear their laughter and general lust for life. Everywhere you looked things were happening and children were happily playing.

Painting was a big hit, and everyone had a go, as well as painting a picture, of their favourite activity they did on the holidays. Many went to Adventure World, a water park here in Perth Western Australia, extremely popular with families and young people. Others went bowling, to the beach, or to the museum. It really was a pretty mixed bag. The kids loved though the process of painting, more than simply producing a finished product.

A lot of the kids are improving in leaps and bounds, they have also came back from the holidays taller and less babyish, especially the Kindy’s. It is truly amazing how fast they indeed grow in their first couple of years of life. It is one of the things I truly treasure, that I have helped them, in creating a firm and happy first experience of school. So maybe they will enjoy school enough to keep going every day.

I feel rather tired, I went and had waffles today with my Bestie, which I think were just the ticket indeed. Probably be an early night, tonight as well, it is tiring working with young children, but very rewarding experience as well. Good time for a chat and maybe solve the world’s problems as well. So I guess that is the latest chapter in the Kindy moments blog post, never ever dull in Kindy that is for sure.

Adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox

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