End of first week back at school

Well it has certainly been a very full and busy couple of days back at school, the kids are settling back really well, and the verdict is that they all love my new haircut and colour. Although had to explain you simply can not paint your hair with a paintbrush as they seemed to think you could. And kept asking me if I had painted my hair red, they simply are my world at times, they also can make me laugh so long and hard at times. Although trying at times, I love my job and the children very much so.

Today has been rather warm at 30°c and now I am simply catching with You Tube videos and reading as well. The day has been going to library and having lunch with my folks, I also spent my Shiels birthday voucher on a lovely new rose gold ring, that I simply adore and pressie to myself. Mum took me shopping as well for something else as well.

I also enjoyed the Talk 4 write PD we did as a whole school this last week, very informative and makes a lot of things more relevant to me. I also got a few tips for myself as a writer/journal writer that I feel will improve my writing and how I output it in the future. I also started today a Magpie journal or Word journal, where you collect words, phrases etc that catch your eye and then can use them in your own work as well. I must admit my ears pricked up as soon as I heard Word journal.

We did on the holidays paintings at school which the children really did love, they are getting so good at their painting as well. I am seeing now that all the Kindy’s have grown taller and less babyish appearance like in the beginning of the year. They are almost Pre-Primary’s and it does my heart proud, but I also feel so very sad indeed, that they will be leaving me soon. I know that is just the way life goes, but I never ever forget those Kindy’s no matter how older they get.

With the warmer weather, it is lovely to be out in our playground and the wide verandahs that wrap around our classrooms. We are really bring the outside, inside if we want to. The children all like the dolls being outside, as well as train table, trikes and toy kitchen in the sand pit. I think it is gonna be a great 10 weeks ahead, it also is gonna fly by in no time at all.

This week my birthday month is coming up to my official birth date 23rd of October, this year marks it being on my official birth day as well a Wednesday. So I am very excited about that, and if you do not know it now, I am very well known on celebrating my birthday the whole month of October. Kinda like my very own Oktoberfest costumes and drinking of course.

Anyway ciao for now Kitty-Kat xox

2 thoughts on “End of first week back at school

  1. The Hummingbird's Journal says:

    Having a Word journal sounds super fun to keep track of all of the beautiful words and phrases to later use for your own works. I wish you an awesome Happy Birthday full of everything that brings you joy!! (A bit early just in case I don’t make it to WP on Wednesday.) 🙂 It’s sound so fun dedicating the whole month for the celebration of your birthday. Enjoy!! 💖💖💖


    • knsander97 says:

      Thanks for the birthday wishes and yes I love to stretch out my celebrations to a whole entire month, one day is never enough.
      Yes the word journal is coming along rather nicely, especially since I do love a good word or two.

      Liked by 1 person

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