Notes from the Kindy’s and Pre-Primary’s

Well today was a great day in our Kindy and Pre-Primary class, the Kindy’s were busy with investigations and trying to see if they could completely unload the blocks off the shelves in there entirely, and they did quite a good job at it as well. The Pre-Primary’s were at assembly and the Kindy’s had the whole classroom to themselves. The Craft table or Make it table surely gets a good work out throughout the day, as well as the playdough table are popular places within our little classroom. And if we are doing painting, you totally get all the kids hanging around you wanting to do it too.

When I was on duty earlier in the week a child came up to me and said to me that area of the playground was Out of town, and what he meant to say was the area was Out of bounds. Well I was in absolute stitches over the comment, I love the way they come out with some funny things indeed. I find working with children especially Kindy and Pre-Primary age they really are quite funny, and real little people. I also love the way they get my sense of humour and laugh along with you.

The noise levels of the classroom can get rather loud indeed, especially when you have children who need to shout out across the room, to their friend, because that friend may not see or hear them. But all in all you really do get used to chatty and noisy classroom indeed.

I usually am with the Kindy’s, having about ten different conversations all at once, and if you get a detail wrong in any of them, the children will look at you, in a very wronged way indeed. If you kinda say silly goose or me, most of the time they will indeed forgive you. Although it isn’t always a given, because they can be very fickle in nature.

There have been two unicorns in the playground as well, and I had to look after for awhile, when their owners needed a toilet break and apparently they liked me very much. We also have a plague of zombies too, but all under control by the Kindy’s and Pre-Primary’s fighting these foes.

I love to lose myself in their play and simply watch from the sidelines, they are so interesting to watch and observe ever so closely. Hopefully they can rid the playground of the zombies though.

Ciao for now Kitty-Kat xox

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