Week of Kindy’s and Pre-Primary’s

Kindy and Pre-Primary class today was awash with noise and drama today, when they read “Who sunk the boat ? ” book and wondered if it truly was the mouse’s fault ? Many thought it wasn’t and the Kindy’s all painted pictures of the animals in the boat. They are getting so good at their paintings now, my Kindy’s are growing up fast and I am so very proud of them.

Tuesday was Hickory Dickory Dock and the Kindy’s and Pre-Primary’s made their very own paper plate clocks, they look so cute hanging up in the classroom. It was a good way to teach them about their numbers and also learning about time as well. Out in the playground more zombie madness and super heroes everywhere as well as sand pit found many making a lot of goodies to eat.

Wednesday we had Kiddo sport’s program where the Pre-Primary’s went first and learnt to throw, balance and run away from a wicked witch and Mr Wolf as well. They had a ball and when it came to the Kindy’s it was a lot of crowd control and many laughs indeed. I think myself and the Teacher I work with were very much exhausted after a double session of Sport. All in good fun though and the kids loved it. Kindy’s made boat as well and then we tested whether they floated or not, lots of fun and cute pics of the kids with there boats. All did really well in what they wanted their boat to look like.

Thursday was a whirlwind of activity with paintings about “Who sunk the boat “to numbers stamping for backgrounds for putting the clocks they do Thursday. Marble painting for the Pre-Primary’s in HASS to represent the world, then music where Pre-Primary’s got to play instruments and learn a new musical game, a class everybody really enjoys.

After lunch where it was pretty windy the Pre-Primary’s were busy finishing off work, and my desk ended up being a craft table where we chatted and crafted a little. And apparently the votes are in and the Pre-Primary’s feel my red hair is very cool indeed. Busy is probably the word I would call school at the moment, especially getting so close to the end of year.

Friday saw wintry weather return and so very windy indeed, some of the Kindy’s have learnt pranking the Teacher and I is really the greatest thing at the moment. End of week so everybody is really for a break, Pre-Primary’s feeling weary indeed. And suddenly the end of year is getting closer, at great speed.

Recess saw a lot of running about the place and chasing each other seemed to be the game of the day. I think most of us adults were glad it didn’t rain and so the Kindy’s and Pre-Primary’s got to play. Imagine them without any outdoor time, it would of surely been an nightmare for sure.

And so ends a week in a Kindy’s and Pre-Primary’s classroom. I hope you enjoy a little insight of my life as an Education assistant at a local primary school.

Adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox

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