Rainy days

It has been the last couple of days really wet and windy weather and not sure where our sunny spring weather has gone ? The rain has been good, but I feel like Autumn has hit us again with a powerful cold front, and maybe our November might end up being colder start than usually is this time of year. This kind of rain hasn’t really happened for quite a good few years, but maybe this is what is in store for us, rainy days up until Christmas.

Perth, Western Australia is a sunny part of Australia and at the moment our weather appears to be topsy turvy indeed. Just now we had a really heavy downpour of showers and wind, and the temperature has dropped very low indeed in the last couple of hours. Out goes the Winter clothes again for a few days at least. Umbrellas have been making a come back as well and even gumboots for the kids.

So hope you are all enjoying the weather we you are ?
Ciao for now Kitty-Kat xox

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