Celebrate 85 followers

I have just clicked over to 85 followers here on WordPress, and I am so very grateful and happy, to having all these people on my journey with me. Of course not forgetting all of you who also read my post on Facebook as well. I thank you all 💖💖💖
I feel so very loved and supported by everyone.
I feel more and more a blogger now I have taken the plunge and gone for it. I may of made mistakes, but hey we all do that in this world. It really isn’t that a big thing anymore. We all learn from them, and I hope that my Blog goes from strength to strength and eventually takes on a life of it’s very own.
It has given my writing a new lease and purpose, all of which I am enjoying so very much as I navigate my way through running and writing a Blog. It is still very much a hobby and yet I still bring a hundred percent to everything I write and publish on this blog of mine. I am dedicated to making it an success and feel it has become a very natural part of my daily life routine.
Even the editing process really isn’t that bad either. The visual aspect also fascinates and challenges me, making each and every post look and feeling beautiful takes time indeed. It is also the people I have met along the way that has made this journey not as tough as it might of been.
I have said before, I don’t put much weight in social media, but I do valve those who support me and as well take the time to read my Blog posts. Now it is up to me to keep on growing my audience,  as well as holding onto those who have been with me from day one.
Ciao for now Kitty-Kat xox

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