Book journal

New lease on life

I have recently finished my repurposed journal, that I made from an old Kikki K book I got for a couple dollars in an Op shop. It has been a couple of months labour of love, and over the last month or two I had decided that I wanted to complete it. Now as of yesterday I have completely finished the last page. It makes me proud, but also sad whenever I get to this stage in any journaling project of mine. Part of me wants to finish pronto, and the other part of me simply wants to prolong the writing that I live to put in every single one of my journals. It may seem totally bonkers, but hey that is me, a little wacky of course.

I have actually lost count of the journals I have completed this year, there have been quite a few I have done. Every one uniquely there own style and personality for sure. Anyway I talk to much, have a look at some more awesome pages from the repurposed journal.

I love this cute font.
Me in 2000
A little Faith journaling.
Playing around with quotes.
Adding my own creative flair to cover pages up.
Tuck in little postcards for journaling on.
Project life cards stuck in for added effect.

Hope you have enjoyed this blog post of mine.

Adieu for now Kitty-Kat xox

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